Embedded Packaging Services

Contract embedded packaging services in your facility


If you have packaging needs but prefer not to (or are unable to) transfer your goods to a 3rd party for processing, then let Harris Display come to you.

Many companies have space restrictions or labor challenges that do not allow them to perform their packaging within their own facility and prefer to transfer their product to a business partner that can perform their packaging needs for them. But other companies want to maintain control of their goods but unfortunately do not have the expertise or desire to package those goods in house. This situation is where Harris Display can assist with embedded packaging services.

We have years of experience embedding our team in our customers’ facilities and using our expertise to alleviate the pressure faced by internal packaging challenges. Some of the few advantages of having Harris Display embed in your facility include:

  • Your control of your own inventory
  • Pricing by unit (not by labor hour)
  • Increased speed to market (avoid shipping delays between packaging suppliers)
  • Use of internal systems
  • Elimination of packaging labor challenges (recruiting, staffing, training, supervision)

If elimination of your packaging challenges and increased profit sound good for your business, give Harris Display a call. We are ready to assist!

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